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Locals earn football All-State honors

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by Joshua Spaulding
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Sports Editor - Salmon Press Newspapers
December 09, 2021
REGION — The Division II East Conference football All-State teams have been announced an a number of Plymouth, Gilford-Belmont, Kennett and Kingswood athletes were on the lists.

First Team Offense went to wide receiver Jake Crowley and linemen Caden Sanborn and Eddie Camp of Plymouth and lineman Michael Macaione of Gilford-Belmont.

First Team Defense went to Kennett linebackers Evan Koroski and Tanner Bennett, linebacker Michael Kitto and defensive back Riley Marsh of Gilford-Belmont and lineman Tyler Stokowski and defensive back Brock Tanner of Plymouth.

Second Team Offense went to quarterback Isaiah Reese of Gilford-Belmont, lineman Kyle Stearns, tight end Brady Robitaille and slot receiver Isaiah Mojica of Kennett and running back Joe Peters of Plymouth.

Earning Second Team Defense were lineman Jaivon Cadore, linebacker Calvin Swanson and defensive back Kurtis Cross of Plymouth and lineman Sam Seavey of Kennett.

Honorable Mention went to running back Andrew Keniston and lineman Robert Hotchkiss of Kingswood, running back Dylan Welch of Plymouth, running back Austin Normandin of Gilford-Belmont and quarterback Camden Bailey of Kennett.

Also earning First Team Offense honors were Dominic Coppeta (QB), Dominic Pallaria (RB), Daniel Post (RB), Ethan Stewart (slot) and Malakai Colon (OL) of Timberlane, Liam Sullivan (RB), Connor Toriello (TE) and Billy Wood (OL) of St. Thomas, Alex Francouer (RB) of Pembroke, Jake Currier (OL) of Merrimack Valley and Nate Ashby (KR) of Sanborn.

First Team Defense also went to Camden Zambrowicz (LB), Evan Roeger (DL), Bryce Parker (DL), Jaden Mwangi (DB) and Harrison Bloom (K) of Timberlane, Kevin Kolodziej (LB) and Jake Comely (DL) of Sanborn and Devon Paquette (DB) of St. Thomas.

Also earning Second Team Offense were Joseph Luchsinger (OL) and Tyler Leedberg (RB) of St. Thomas, Niko Langlois (OL) and Matthew Williams (WR) of Timberlane and Cody Leclair (OL) of Pembroke.

Second Team Defense also went to Logan Drew (DL) and Aidan Miller (DB) of Merrimack Valley, Joe Pickett (DL), Samuel Grondin (LB), Spencer Lassard (DB) and Taig Healy (K) of St. Thomas, Spencer Foley (DL) of Sanborn and Aiden Weldon (LB) of Pembroke.

Also earning Honorable Mention were Charlie Ransom (WR) of Pembroke, Tristan Donigian (OL) of Sanborn and Trey Baker (DB) of Timberlane.

Cooper Kelley of Timberlane was named Player of the Year and Kevin Fitzgerald of Timberlane was named Coach of the Year.

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