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Tilton welcomes new Land Use Coordinator

Lee Ann Moynihan, Tilton's new Land Use Coordinator, is settling into her new job and excited to be part of a community she believes could become the Gateway to the Lakes Region. (Photo by Donna Rhodes) (click for larger version)
September 05, 2019
TILTON The Town of Tilton is pleased to welcome their new Land Use Coordinator, Lee Ann Moynihan, who joined the staff at Tilton Town Hall on Aug. 13, bringing plenty of skills and experience along with her.

Moynihan served the Town of Hooksett for 19 years in a number of capacities. She was their welfare officer, worked in the building and planning department, and also worked in zoning administration. For the last six years she was employed in their assessing department and is a certified assessor.

"She has wonderful experience and background that will serve Tilton well and we are excited she has joined us," said Tilton Town Administrator Jeanie Forrester.

Moynihan resides in Hooksett and said that after nearly two decades of living and working in the same community, her new role in Tilton is a nice change.

"There's challenges when you live and work in the same town so I'm enjoying this," Moynihan said.

Tilton is a town with a lot of potential, which interested her when she saw the position in land use was open, and she said she looks forward to working with the community to help it grow in a positive direction.

Economic growth, Moynihan noted, is definitely going to be a major focus of her job and she is eager to get started. First she said she needs everyone working together for the common good of the town so they can achieve the goals they ultimately set for the future.

"I want to start by creating a new Master Plan because the one they have is out of date. By doing that we can find out what the community is looking for then pull together to get it all done," she said.

One challenge she faces at the moment is her admitted unfamiliarity with the town but that comes with time. Her newness to Tilton can also be beneficial though.

"Not knowing Tilton that well right now can be a positive because I'm taking a fresh look at the town; I bring a new set of eyes here. I might notice things others have overlooked because they're used to seeing it every day," said Moynihan. "My first impression was that Tilton could become a really nice gateway to the Lakes Region."

Steering people off Exit 20 and into downtown Tilton is a definite need and to accomplish that goal Moynihan hopes to attract more businesses to the town. By putting emphasis on the river and lakefront opportunities along the Rte. 3 corridor, along with the historic features of Main St., she feels there is a lot of potential for growth and economic development.

Another project she is already addressing is a public safety concern the Tilton-Northfield Fire & Rescue Department has along Main Street. Addresses for the many business suites and residences of the downtown buildings are not uniform, creating confusion when First Responders are called for an emergency.

"I spoke with (Deputy Fire Chief) Tim Joubert a week ago and we're going to look at renumbering Main St. so that's it's 911 compliant," Moynihan said.

From there she looks forward to working with Forrester and other town leaders on ways to make Tilton a great destination. Partnering with boards, committees, local organizations and residents, she believes that together they can attract new businesses, which will increase downtown commerce by drawing in more visitors, whether it be for shopping, dining, or recreation in the parks and trails along the riverfront.

"Change and growth take time and I want to make sure what we bring to the area will be sustainable," Moynihan said. "We'll get there though. It's going to be good!"

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