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Old Home Day offers Campton residents a glimpse into the past

Visiting their grandmother from Campton, young Kamden, Remington and Zealand of Ashland were captivated as they watched weaver Debbie Stohn show them how her craft is done during a demonstration at Campton's Old Home Day last Saturday. (Photo by Donna Rhodes) (click for larger version)
August 08, 2018
CAMPTON – The Historical Society of the Town of Campton hosted their annual Old Home festivities last Saturday, where residents and visitors alike were invited to partake in some of the history of the town through their museum on Route 175, watch demonstrations of crafts from days gone by and enjoy time talking with friends both old and new.

Early morning rain dampened some of the planned outdoor activities, but inside the museum, there were numerous displays to take in. Local beekeeper Jim Stafursky was on hand to educate people about the importance of bees and there was also a demonstration by weaver Debbie Stohn.

While weaving is not often thought of as a craft that youngsters in the 21st century might be interested in, Stohn's artistry caught the eye of a young girl who was fascinated by the process. Recognizing her interest, Stohn gave up her seat at the loom and guided her through the process.

"Mom, this is really fun," Remington said as she pushed a shuttle through the threads then pulled a lever to tighten things up for a piece Stohn was working on.

Displays of old photos from the town's forefathers, historic military uniforms, and other memorabilia also captivated those who wandered through the museum. And as they wandered, they were able to enjoy the music of pianist Ian Soderberg, an Ithaca College music major who hails from Campton. Soderberg delighted everyone with an array of tunes and medleys that included patriotic songs, themes from popular video games that youngsters would recognize and a "potpourri" of pop music.

The Historical Society also had sales of Campton mugs, hats, tee shirts, post cards, notecards, and even a few of the 250th anniversary items left over from last year's historic celebration.

Outside the museum, the Country Lady Bug Greenhouse of Campton set up a booth of their own, too, offering many end of the year deals on some of their annuals, perennials and hanging plants that many people took advantage of as they look to freshen their summer gardens.

Both an engine and ambulance from Campton-Thornton Fire/Rescue Department were on hand for people to explore and finally, there was a free lunch available for all who dropped by. Kelly and Steve Devine, the new owners of Sunset Grill spent the day cooking up hot dogs, burgers, and some popular barbecued pulled pork for visitors then topped it all off with other delicious sides like Mawmaw Slaw and Homemade Potato Chips. All at no cost.

"The lunch is free, but we are taking donations for the Campton Historical Society," Kelly Devine said. "When we bought the Sunset Grill one-and-a-half years ago, we said we wanted to do some town events, so here we are."

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