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Winners of Alexandria Cons. Comm. Calendar Photo Contest announced

Carolyn Sharp and Jennifer Tuthill display their prize-winning entries in the Alexandria Conservation Commission's fifth Calendar Photo Contest. (Photo by Donna Rhodes) (click for larger version)
December 09, 2021
ALEXANDRIA – Alexandria Conservation Committee chair Jennifer Tuthill announced the winners of their 2022 Calendar photo contest last Wednesday evening at a reception held in the town's municipal building.

Many of the amateur photographers who took part in the contest were on hand for the announcement when 12 of the photos were chosen for the upcoming calendar. In addition to the calendar selections, 43 other submissions were also on display and thanked for their contributions.

Now in its fifth year, the theme for the 2022 calendar photo contest was "Out and About in Alexandria" and the entries depicted a number of beautiful views of the town. Among the many photos received by the commission included rural scenery, lake views, flowers, mushrooms, rainbows, and even small creatures such as salamanders and turtles.

Tuthill said judging this year's competition was Tom Guilmette. While Guilmette is an alternate for the Conservation Commission, he is also a professional photographer/videographer and used his trained eye to select what he felt were the best submissions. He looked mainly for those with interest, focus and composition that would transfer well to enlargement for a calendar.

She pointed out that those points were why a photo of deep purple lupins with a bee flying right at the camera was one of his top choices.

Carolyn Sharp of Alexandria was the person behind that back yard camera and was pleased to see it awarded second place in the contest and will now be featured on the June page of the calendar.

"I took a lot of photos [of the flowers] and when I looked at them later there just happened to be a bumble bee in one so I cropped it up and this is what I came up with," said Sharp.

Her other photo of frost on a branch of ferns in her yard, which will grace the page for March, was the first prizewinner though. Noticing the sun shining on the icy fronds, she snapped a shot and later cropped it into a winning piece of photography.

"The frost gave it a little composition," she said, and Guilmette agreed.

Tuthill took third place with her photo of an autumn tree in the fog, one of two she entered, which will be featured in September and October.

While both Sharp and Tuthill have been prizewinning contributors since the contest began, this year was the first time one of Alexandria's newest residents took part.

Melissa Winters said she recently moved to the town and heard they were looking for photos for a town calendar. Submitting a few she had taken with her iPhone, she was surprised to find she was a winner in a competition she didn't even realize was taking place.

"I was just happy to help with the calendar and didn't even know there was a contest," said Winters.

She and her mother Wilma Cunningham were pleased to see that two of Melissa's contributions, one for May and another for August, will be featured in the 2022 calendar.

Winning entries selected for the coming year were from Audrey West (January); Heidi Meyer (February); Carolyn Sharp (March); Ron Maclean (April); Melissa Winters (May); Carolyn Sharp (June); Bob Piehler (July); Melissa Winters (August); Jennifer Tuthill (September); Jennifer Tuthill (October); Bob Piehler (November); and Audrey West (December).

Other participants in the contest this year were Andreas Lehner, Marla Walls, Mary Hamry, Mary Lehner, Mike Pepitas, Nancy Whitman, Jennifer Anne, Jane Sparks, Jane Anne Silverman and Tom Larson.

Order forms for the calendars are now available, with two options to choose from, Tuthill said. For $9.99, people can purchase an eight-and-a-half-inch by 11-inch calendar with no notation of holidays or other dates of interest. The exact same calendar is also available for $19.99 but does include national holidays and other information on the appropriate dates.

"They both look exactly the same," Tuthill said, "it's just those editing details that are different."

Forms to order each version are available at the Alexandria Selectmen's Office, located at 47 Washburn Rd., or by emailing jentuthill@gmail.com. The commission also announced that the calendars can be purchased at any time of the year and the order of the months can be altered to still provide a full year, even if it spills over into 2023.

Everyone is encouraged to start taking photos for next year's calendar when the 2023 theme will be "Wildlife Around Alexandria." The Conservation Commission said submissions are accepted year round and are welcomed from residents and visitors alike, so long as they are all taken within the Alexandria town lines. Photos can be sent to alexandrianh@metrocast.net, "ATTN: ACC." Emails should also include the photographer's name, photo site and contact information.

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