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Police K9 visits Story Time at Minot-Sleeper

Three-year-old Kendall from Bridgewater gave Arro a hug as her five-year-old brother Cayden waited his turn to meet the K9 during story time at Minot-Sleeper Library. (Photo by Donna Rhodes) (click for larger version)
April 17, 2019
BRISTOL – Nearly 40 people of all ages attended story time at Minot-Sleeper Library last Friday afternoon to listen to the book "Officer Buckle and Gloria" with special guests Officer Nick Kelley of the Bristol Police Department and his K9 partner, Arro.

After leading the boys and girls in some fun warm-up songs, Librarian Azra Karabegovic began reading the adventures of Officer Buckle and his K9 partner Gloria. Throughout the story, they learned many safety tips an entertaining fashion. One tip was to never stand on a swivel chair. They heard not to swim during an electrical storm and to make sure their shoelaces were always tied. The most important lesson of all though was to always stick with a buddy, like Gloria and Officer Buckle stick together.

Arro listened closely to the story, too. At one point, he even put his front paws on Officer Kelley's lap and leaned forward to look at the pictures in the book.

When Karabegovic finished reading the children and adults alike were asked if they had any questions for Arro and Kelley. They learned that Arro is not a German Shepherd but a Belgian Malinois and will be four years old next month. He has been with Kelley and the Bristol Police Department since he was a year old.

One child asked what Arro does as a police K9. Kelley said that through the extensive training he and Arro go through, he can help the officers find not only criminals but missing children and more.

"He even finds my keys for me when I lose them," he said with a grin.

Kelley was proud to add that just last week Arro was able to discover some illegal drugs and help the police make an arrest.

"He has a very good nose. He can smell all kinds of things. He doesn't just smell a pizza like we do, he smells all the ingredients, the tomato sauce, the crust, the cheese, separately," Kelley explained.

Before they headed back to the police station, Arro greeted all his new friends one by one, and even posed for photos with many of them.

Karabegovic said story time is held every Friday at the library with snacks from Friends of Minot-Sleeper Library, sing-a-longs and other fun activities. Throughout the year she is also pleased to have special guests join the children, like Arro, members of the fire department and even Mrs. Claus who dropped by in December. For more information, please visit the library online at minotsleeperlibrary.org or stop by their location at 35 Pleasant St. in downtown Bristol.

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