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Young anglers turn out in force for Groton Children's Fishing Derby

June 06, 2018
GROTON — The Groton Children's Fishing Derby, sponsored by the town's Conservation Commission and held on the first Saturday in June each year, was another success this year.

"It's a great program, and we were really pleased with the turnout," said chair Slim Stafford.

The commission stocked the Town Pond with 100 trout they purchased and that was matched with another 100 courtesy of N.H. Fish and Game and approximately 30 boys and girls came out to try their luck in catching some.

Children from the ages of one to 15 were eligible for the derby and participants were broken down into three age groups. The first lines hit the water at 9 a.m. for the first group and each division was given 45 minutes to catch up to five trout before the next age group took their turn. Fish caught by each child were weighed together and those in each of the three age groups who had the highest weight total for the morning were awarded a trophy. Three gift certificates from Newfound Trading Post were awarded to children who came in second.

Spafford said there was also one specially tagged trout placed in the pond that came with a $50 cash prize for the boy or girl who reeled it in. Unfortunately that trout didn't make it to the check-in station this year though so the prize money goes back in the bank until next year.

He and the Groton Conservation Commission wished to thank everyone who took part in this year's derby and hope to see even more children, which can include those from any surrounding communities, come out to join them again next year.

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