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Moultonborough Academy returning to regular class schedule

April 28, 2021
MOULTONBOROUGH Moultonborough Academy will be returning to a standard schedule with more staff members vaccinated, though will maintain six-feet of distancing.

MA Principal Andy Coppinger posted the updates on the school's website on April 9.

Since January students have been on a staggered schedule of Red and Black Weeks to limit interactions and reduce the number of closures due to quarantining. Starting on May 3, after students returned from April vacation, MA will return to its daily class rotation.

"With the majority of staff vaccinated, we will be much less likely to have to close school due to a positive Coronavirus case and the resulting need to quarantine teachers and staff, which was the original reason to adopt the weekly rotation," Coppinger wrote.

The school will continue to have its PAWS program at the end of the day, allowing students in good academic standing to leave early.

Coppinger also wrote that while the CDC relaxed its social distancing guidelines, the school would continue to maintain six feet of distance whenever possible.

"Six feet of distancing has managed to get us to this point in the school year with minimal closures, and we don't think it wise to change that now," Coppinger wrote.

When the school undertakes contact tracing for a positive case, they will follow the CDC's three-foot guideline when determining close contacts and who has to quarantine.

Students can again volunteer to wipe down desks and tables after the school received a new supply of rubber gloves. The practice had been paused until the gloves arrived.

Coppinger also said while parents might have difficulty grappling with the decision to have their children vaccinated, doing so has several advantages. People who are two weeks past their last vaccine do not need to quarantine if exposed to someone who tests positive, which could ensure that students can take part in some important events.

"Missing out on an important end of year school event such as prom, senior banquet, an athletic event, or even graduation due to being on quarantine is something to consider for those of you with students 16 years of age or older," Coppinger wrote.

He said school nurse Carolyn Nelson would be available to answer any questions and address any parent concerns.

More information on senior events and schedules will be available as the school year draws to a close.

Already, MA's prom has been scheduled for May 15, with the location and more details pending.

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