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Streetcar presents "Shrek" this weekend

Fiona (Adrianna Williams) meets her rescuer Shrek (Cory Chapman) in Streetcar's production of "Shrek." (Photo by Erin Plummer) (click for larger version)
April 25, 2019
MEREDITH — A green ogre, sassy princess, donkey sidekick, and cast of fairy tale characters will be taking the stage this weekend for Streetcar company's production of "Shrek."

"Shrek" will be presented at the Inter-lakes Community Auditorium this Friday through Sunday after months of hard work and a lot of pushing by company members.

Director J Alward said this show was one cast members have been requesting for years. When new shows have been announced, she said cast members have immediately asked it if will be "Shrek." She said she didn't want to do this show, though eventually listened to the score and changed her mind.

"It won me over, so here we are," Alward said.

Alward said she isn't that familiar with comedy, though the cast has really been learning a lot about it. She said building the comedy has been a collaborative effort.

Alward said the cast has worked really hard on this show and developing their own characters.

For the first time the music is all from recordings as their usual accompanist Phil Breton wasn't able to do the show. Alward said they sent the music home with the cast members to work on.

Cory Chapman of Concord plays the lead character, Shrek, a character he said he relates to on a personal level.

"Me and the character don't really have much difference: pretty closed off to the world and we have to open up to somebody eventually," Chapman said, saying he and Shrek have had times when they realized the world isn't as bad as they thought.

Chapman, who is originally from Gilford, has been working with Streetcar for the past five years and this is his first lead role, which has made for some nerves. He said he has been getting ready through "lots and lots of practice." He has also gotten down the classic accent used by Mike Myers in the original movie.

He said this is one of the best casts he has worked with, and everyone really works hard.

Adrianna Williams of Manchester plays Princess Fiona.

"She's definitely not a princess' princess," Williams siad.

She said the role has been a bit of a challenge, especially getting Fiona's music and character down.

This is her first show with Streetcar. She has done theater in Pittsfield with a few other Streetcar members. After hearing about Streetcar, she decided she wanted to work with the company.

"I love it; it's such a great theater crew, a great family," Williams said.

David Nelson of Gilford plays Shrek's companion, Donkey.

"He's very good-hearted, but man, he will not shut up," Nelson said. "He is really annoying and doesn't mean to be. He is full of excitement."

He said Donkey is also an outcast like the other characters.

Nelson has done a number of other Streetcar shows in the past. he said this might be one of Streetcar's biggest productions.

"It's a big cast, and it's a familiar story so you have to get it right," Nelson said.

"Shrek" will be presented at the Inter-Lakes Community Auditorium at Inter-Lakes High School Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. and 2 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

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