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Math Team places third in state competition

The Inter-Lakes High School math team with its third place plaque from the state competition. (Courtesy Photo) (click for larger version)
March 27, 2019
MEREDITH — Members of the Inter-Lakes High School Math Team came in third in state competition, the highest place they have ever achieved.

The 10-member team, under the direction of coach Lora Carney, went to PSU on March 12 to take part in a series of different math challenges in geometry, algebra I and II, a team problem, and more.

Team member Jaydie Halperin said most of the challenges were the same kind of work they do in class.

Carney said a lot of the math team members are involved in athletics, music and theater, and other extra curricular activities as well as volunteering. She said with all that the students are involved in it was a challenge to fine time to come together and get ready as a team. She said the school overall has a strong math program and its members are involved in high level math classes.

The team came in fist in the Lakes Region Math League, though Carney said she still didn't want to get the students' hopes up going into states.

The team went up to Plymouth on March 12 in matching gray sweatshirts.

Halperin said the geometry challenges can vary in difficulty, though some other problems are "literally impossible." Carney said the team round includes an essay. Halperin said there was a portion with a riddle that kept tripping them up, though they placed second in that category.

Carney said it is a competition, but the students also come for camaraderie and having fun together.

Halperin said each problem was worth a certain number of points and the team with the most points won.

Last year the ILHS team came in fourth.

"Our goal was to break the top three and we did it," Halperin said.

They narrowly achieved third under Bishop Brady High School and Portsmouth Christian Academy, cracking the top three with four points.

"It was awesome," Halperin said. "Everyone was just like surprised, we were like we earned this."

Carney said this is a great group with a lot of enthusiasm.

"It's an amazing group of students and just seeing them grow through the years and seeing them work month after months at the meets," Carney said.

Halperin said Carney is "a great coach."

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