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Project aimed at improving intersection of Routes 3 and 25 underway

Workers get the midblock between Dover and Lake Streets ready for a pedestrian signal. (Photo by Erin Plummer) (click for larger version)
May 02, 2018
MEREDITH — The 3/25 project recently got underway, with construction continuing through June before pausing for the summer.

Crews from the Department of Transportation have been working along the corridor for the past few weeks.

Project Manager Edward Sperry of the DOT said the project is "coming along pretty well" and is on schedule.

Crews have been working on the bridge on Route 3. Sperry said they have been rehabilitating the bridge deck and putting a membrane on top of it to seal out water.

Work started on the northbound side of the bridge, closing a lane of traffic on that side. This coming week, work will be done on the southbound side of the bridge, and the traffic pattern will reverse.

He said utility work overall has been going well, and they have been working with Fairpoint to move some utilities.

DOT crews have been working with the town through the process.

"They've been great," Sperry said. "They've been real good to work with, which is a plus."

Town Manager Phil Warren said during the April 16 selectmen's meeting that a lot of the water and sewer utilities are just a few feet down from the work being done, including two feet away from a main sewer line. Warren said staff from the Water and Sewer Department were on site on a daily basis to watch those lines.

The project will next move on to work on the sidewalk by the Chase House, and will work on putting a crosswalk from the town docks to the middle of the block between Dover and Lake Streets. This will get the area ready for the pedestrian signal to be installed, though Sperry said the signal will not be active this summer.

Work will continue until June 9, and Sperry said they will pull out in time for Motorcycle Weekend. Work will go on during weekdays, though Sperry said some work may be necessary during weekends as they get closer to deadline.

"We're going to get as much done as we can," Sperry said.

The project will start up again in September.

Sperry said the project has been going well overall and they haven't had any major issues.

"We're still on schedule, and things are looking good," Sperry said.

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