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Nordic skiers shine in postseason action

by Bob Martin
Sports Reporter - Gilford Steamer, WInnisquam Echo, Meredith News

Ian Daly won the classic race for the Meet of Champions at Gunstock last week. Bob Martin. (click for larger version)
March 22, 2018
GILFORD — The Meet of Champions involved Nordic skiers from around the state, and the event at Gunstock was great for local athletes, including a win for Ian Daly of Inter-Lakes in the classic race.

In the classic race, Daly led the way with a time of 10:59.8, which was a nearly 15 seconds faster than Concord's Eben Bragg's time of 11:14.5.

Tyler McLaughlin of Moultonborough placed fifth with a time of 11:25.8; Eric Adams was 11th with a time of 12:00.5 and Jack Fogarty was 13th with a time of 12:11.

Parker Caswell of Inter-Lakes was 16th with a time of 12:23.9 and teammate Aidan Carney was 24th with a time of 14:41.9.

In the freestyle race, Daly placed sixth with a time of 10:34.7. Fogarty was 10th with a time of 10:41.4; McLaughlin was 12th with a time of 10:47; Adams was 15th with a time of 11:06.8; Carney was 21st with a time of 11:49.6 and Caswell was 24th with a time of 12:36.6.

For the girls' classic race, Moultonborough's Backy Velie was fifth with a time of 14:15.7 while Rachel Smith placed 14th with a time of 15:52.2. Maya Weil-Cooley of Inter-Lakes was 17th with a time of 16:05.7, while Alison Haight placed 25th with a time of 19:09.2.

In the freestyle race, Velie and Smith were 17th and 18th respectively with times of 13:26.4 and 13.28.5 Haight and Weil-Cooley were 24th and 25th with times of 14:37.1 and 16:40.

Weil-Cooley and Haight also participated in the Eastern High School Championship at Black Mountain last weekend. In the 5K freestyle Weil-Cooley placed 89th with a time of 16:05.5.

In the 7.5 K classic race, Weil-Cooley placed 97th with a time of 32:38.3.

In the 1.2 K freestyle sprint Haight was 92nd with a time of 3:50.24 while Weil-Cooley was 103rd with a time of 4:02.7

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