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Moultonborough Library hosts tea party for local moms

Jessica and Juliette Pratt sample the treats at the Moultonborough Public Library's Mother's Day Tea Party. (Photo by Erin Plummer) (click for larger version)
May 16, 2017
MOULTONBOROUGH — Families could enjoy an old-fashioned tea party complete with finger sandwiches, fine teacups, and some friendly company right at the Moultonborough Public Library.

On Saturday, the library hosted its annual Mother's Day Tea, inviting children, parents, grandparents, and any other friendly adult to join them for tea and snacks.

The tea party was started 12 years ago by now-retired Children's Librarian Judi Knowles, who brought her mother's teacups for the party. Current Children's Librarian Sharon Gulla has kept the tradition going.

Families enjoyed tea from nice teacups donated to the library.

"Judi very nicely donated her teacups to add to the collection," Gulla said.

The library's collection also includes teacups once owned by Gulla's mother and ones Gulla has owned herself. They have received some donations from the community as well.

"I have women donating their teacups because (they) don't use them," Gulla said.

Families could enjoy an assortment of treats, from cookies and cupcakes to traditional tea fare like cucumber sandwiches and more. Sandra Kelly and Sherry Weene, both members of the Friends of the Moultonborough Library, staff member Sue Stokes, and Gulla herself donated the snacks.

Kids could bring their dolls or stuffed animals along too and show them off. After enjoying their treats, the kids could also make a Mother's Day card.

The event found itself competing for families' time with a number of other events and activities going on the same day, though a number of people still found the time to come to the party. Gulla said she was really happy there were kids who could come.

Blythe Sterling brought her granddaughter Payton Goren, eight, and adopted grandchildren Paisley and Scout Chambers, ages nine and five.

"The kids love it; they come every year," Sterling said.

She said Payton's older sister couldn't make it that day but has come in the past.

"They like getting dressed up, bringing their dolls," Sterling said.

Stacey Hylen came with her daughter Nadia Goulet.

"I think the tea always really makes it special," Hylen said.

Hylen said her daughter loves coming to the library.

"I love that the librarians make it fun for the kids to go to the library," Hylen said.

Payton and Scout said their favorite part was the food and Paisley especially liked the tea,

"There's food and it's nice," Nadia said.

Jessica Pratt brought her children Garrett, eight, and Juliette, six. Pratt said this was their third year there, and Garrett's first. She said it is a fun event and they look forward to it. Both the kids had a number of events going on, though they still had time to come to the library that day.

"I particularly like to come and enjoy my teacup," Pratt said.

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