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School Board ethics investigation concludes with no finding

April 28, 2021
LITTLETON — Last December, exiting Littleton High School Vice Principal Greg Fillion called for an investigation into the School Board. His initial concerns were in regard to the board's transparency, ethics and accountability. After several individuals were interviewed in regard to Fillion's complaints, there were no findings, and the investigation was closed and the minutes sealed as is customary.

Fillion requested those minutes be made available to him.

"I tried three times to meet during non-public sessions, and all three times, I was turned down. I feel like I don't have a choice but to make sure that I am heard. I am concerned about board ethics, the behavior of some of our board members, previous board members and what I feel it's doing to our district," stated the administrator.

After a brief exchange with the district's attorney, School Board Vice-Chair Wiggett asked Fillion to refrain from speaking any further about the investigation and stated that he needed to be in a non-public session to do so. Fillion argued that he had tried multiple times to do just that.

"I understand that, but did you hear what I said?" stated Wiggett.

When Fillion responded that he had, Wiggett said, "Fine. Then obey it. Cease and desist."

According to New Hampshire Municipal Law, meeting minutes must meet three criteria to be sealed; when divulgence of the information would likely adversely affect the reputation of any person, other than a member of the board itself, when release of the minutes would render the proposed action ineffective or if the information relates to terrorism planning functions.

Newly elected board member St. John told Fillion that the board had a robust discussion about the situation during its last non-public session. He said the meeting was non-public because part of it involved members of the public who did not serve on the board.

"We have a board meeting coming up, in part to discuss how the board should operate in meetings and if a change in policy should be considered as a direct consequence of that incident. Without going into detail, it has been discussed at considerable length," stated St. John.

At several points throughout the exchange, Wiggett consulted with the attorney. Tensions rose between Fillion and Wiggett.

"The issue was discussed at great length, and it was a pretty raw discussion. The three board members who were not involved felt that we were heard and that we have a clear path forward to making sure that we can avoid those perceived issues and a lack of transparency or a lack of due process. All five of us, the entire board, prize transparency and recognize that it is important," stated St. John.

Fillion stated, "I would welcome an invitation to speak in a non-public session and, to be honest with you, I wish you had taken me up on it back in December."

Wiggett said, "I am going to call you out of order. This discussion has ended."

Fillion retired in November, but will remain for the duration of the school year.

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