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Apartment fire leaves one injured, many displaced

Multiple units responded to an apartment fire in Littleton last weekend, including Littleton's ladder truck and at least two ambulances. (Photo by Angel Larcom) (click for larger version)
April 08, 2021
LITTLETON - A kitchen fire at 62 Pleasant St. left one person injured and multiple residents displaced in Littleton last Saturday evening.

Multiple units were dispatched from Littleton, Sugar Hill, Bethlehem, Lisbon and Whitefield at approximately 8:15 p.m. The first alarm building fire was caused by unattended food on a stove.

According to Littleton Fire Chief Mike McQuillen, a resident had fallen asleep while cooking with grease. Smoke alarms woke the occupant, who discovered a grease fire in a pan on his stove.

The occupant attempted to carry the pan outside but dropped it on the floor, which immediately ignited the apartment. The fire compromised the integrity of at least one window, which shattered outward from the heat.

Lieutenant-AEMT Vanja Antunovic was the first to arrive at the scene in Engine Six. Although the injured resident evacuated independently, he was transported by the Bethlehem Ambulance team to Littleton Regional Hospital to evaluate second-degree burns.

Lieutenant-AEMT Tom Hartwell assumed command upon arrival, and the firefighters were able to extinguish the fire quickly. Dispatch alerted municipal aid, and the Franconia and Woodsvile Fire Departments covered the Littleton station as the remaining teams remained on-site at the building. The Sugar Hill unit responded with an air cascade system to replenish air bottles as needed.

"The guys did a really great job. They made a great entry into the building and were able to contain the fire to the room of origin, even though the fire had a good head start on them. All things went well, considering what they were up against," noted McQuillen.

Captain Chad Miller reached out to the American Red Cross, who assisted with housing for the second and third-floor tenants. McQuillen estimated approximately $30,000 in fire and smoke damage in the apartment building's top two floors.

"From a structural standpoint, the fire never breached the upper apartments. But I believe there was enough smoke damage up there that the units will need to be cleaned before they can be occupied again. The origin apartment suffered extensive damage and will need new sheet rock," added McQuillen.

The Fire Chief continued, "It was yet another example of smoke alarms saving lives. If it wasn't for a working smoke detector in that apartment, I think the outcome would have been far more tragic. Early notification to the Fire Department is huge because it keeps fires from spreading and allows us to keep them contained."

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