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Meadow Leasing under new ownership

Val Poulsen, founder of Meadow Leasing, hands the keys (literally and figuratively) over to new owner Joe DePalma. (Photo by Justin Roshak) (click for larger version)
July 11, 2018
LITTLETON—Meadow Leasing founder Val Poulsen has hung up his trailer hitch, and sold his Route 302 business to Joe DePalma.

Poulsen worked as a civil engineer before his father encouraged him to return to Littleton—he challenged his son, saying "Anyone can make money in the big city, but it takes a real man to make money up here." Poulsen took him up, and never looked back.

In addition to founding and running Meadow Leasing, over the years, Poulsen worked in the lumber trade, running, for instance, mills in Lisbon and Littleton. Indeed, he says started Meadow Leasing in 1987, as a shipping station for his area lumber concerns. At the time, the Meadows was much more sparsely populated, making him one of the pioneers who turned the strip from meadow into The Meadows, currently Littleton's brand-name commercial core.

Poulsen said he primarily caters to businesses, doing a combination of shipping and short-term, mobile storage. He indicated that Meadow Leasing's primary role was to provide flexibility to area businesses.

While he will have divested himself of Meadow Leasing, Poulsen will maintain a hand in the private sector through his properties, for which he is forming an LLC. He also intends to hike, and to continue his work on the Littleton Planning Board, Conservation Commission, and a cemetery board.

For his part, DePalma comes from a stint in the public sector, and most recently served as Director of Public Works for Littleton. He strongly indicated that he intended to change very little, and expressed strong satisfaction with the operation and team he inherited. He praised Poulsen's strong community relationships, and said he would seek to emulate his ability to "get along with everybody."

DePalma said staff would remain as it is, and singled out the current, experienced team as a key attraction for buying the business. He is pleased to inherit a 'turn-key' operation.

Littleton Chamber Director Nathan Karol expressed satisfaction that the business would pass to a talented, local person.

"All too often, businesses close, to retire or change direction, and do not find an interested buyer locally," Karol pointed out.

He added that, "The Chamber looks forward to continuing our relationship with the new owner, and working together to create partnerships and help the business grow well into the future."

Martin Lord Osman
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