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Covid infections cause temporary closure of library

December 02, 2021
WOLFEBORO — The Wolfeboro Public Library was closed on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday due to "Covid diagnoses and exposure," according to a sign on the front door. The building will remain closed through Dec. 2.

As of Nov. 30, Wolfeboro was reported on the WMUR town tracker to have 31 active cases; 16 of those were new. Ossipee had 46 active cases, 26 of which are new. Alton had 21 active cases, 14 of which are new. Numbers for all the towns in the state are listed by WMUR.

On Nov. 29, the Governor Wentworth Regional School District reported 22 total positive cases (including three staff members): two at Kingswood Regional High School; seven at Kingswood Regional Middle School; six at Crescent Lake Elementary in Wolfeboro; three at New Durham Elementary; and four at Tuftonboro Central School. The schools remain open with positive and exposed individuals at home following CDC quarantine advised protocols. Masks are required in school buildings.

Huggins Hospital's Vice President of Strategy & Community Relations, Monika O'Clair, says the hospital is "inundated with calls and requests in all aspects of our services, from primary care to outpatient and elective services. Along with these increases, we are also experiencing volatile changes in our numbers of COVID-19 patients, which have increased on multiple occasions to filling more than half of our available beds during this most recent peak. We are balancing on the edge and are preparing in case things get worse. We often struggle to transfer patients to other hospitals, when needed, due to the same issues at hospitals across the state and in our neighboring states."

She adds, "Our employees are working diligently to care for everyone, putting in more effort than they ever have before. We are innovating every day, coming up with new ways to provide access to care."

The hospital asks that community members who need COVID-19 testing or other non-emergency services utilize outpatient services such as primary care and its Drive Up Testing service. Test may be scheduled by calling 603-569-7558.

It also provides a COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic. Appointments can be made through the website: www.HugginsHospital.org. O'Clair implores members of the public who have yet to receive a vaccination, to "[p]lease get vaccinated against COVID-19. This is an easy step to help us maintain space and beds for patients who do become critically ill or who have an emergency."

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