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WCTV expands live streaming capability

September 05, 2019
WOLFEBORO — Wolfeboro Community Television, which operates in an office and studio at Kingswood Regional High School with funding from the town's franchise fees, has expanded its live streaming capability.

A number of people regularly watch the Board of Selectmen's meetings from the comforts of home, thanks to the station's ability to live stream the meetings through the town's internet connection (wolfeboro.nh.us). Invited to speak to the Board by Selectman Brad Harriman, the town's representative to the station's advisory board, Director Timothy Goodwin offered an update on the station's expanded capability.

The BOS meetings are broadcast through three simultaneous streams: live stream to viewers through the internet; to the WCTV YouTube channel; and to the town website, where they remain available in their entirety to viewers. Goodwin said that the purchase of a new piece of equipment for less than $600 enabled the staff to live stream the Fourth of July parade with access to the town's internet. He plans next to live stream the annual Christmas parade.

"I'm excited that we have this piece of equipment," says Goodwin. "It operates with a wireless internet connection at high speed, as if it is hardwired."

He noted that the system reaches up to 12 miles.

He anticipates being able to live stream the Kingswood graduation from the high school and perhaps provide other live broadcasts, as opportunities arise. Right now, "capabilities exceed staffing" says Goodwin, who welcomes calls and emails from people interested in volunteering at the station. The telephone number is 569-0219. Email is WCTV25@gmail.com.

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