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TFL a popular destination in 2018

January 23, 2019
TUFTONBORO — The Tuftonboro Free Library (TFL) was a net lender of books through the Interlibrary Loan System (ILL) last year, says Library Director Christie Sarles.

"It's an indication of a strong collection," she adds.

The total sent to meet requests from other libraries was 1766 in 2018, while TFL patrons were also able to make use of the lending program with their requests to other libraries throughout the state totaling 860 items.

Sarles said the TFL is presently backing up the Wolfeboro Public Library's ILL service while it has been temporarily closed this month for interior construction and they have talked about possibly being able to return the favor should the need arise with a library reconstruction project in Tuftonboro.

Donations to the Building Fund continue with poignant contributions from two grandchildren of Hattie Hersey, who established the first lending library in Tuftonboro many years ago, says Sarles. Neither of the two still live in the area, but the grandson gave a photo of Hattie's house to Sarles and his sister has sent notes on the history of her grandmother's connection to establishing the library in town.

The library trustees are sending out a fundraising appeal for the library project and have scheduled two informational sessions in the library on Saturdays, Feb. 9 and March 2, at 10 a.m. Sarles says $330,000 currently remains to be raised.

With 20,661 visits in 2018, the library is a popular destination. Overall circulation in 2018 came to 40,948 items with the total of books circulated at 19,626, and the total of all other materials combined at 21,322. 144 new library cards were issued. 101 adult programs and meetings drew a total 934 people, and 79 children's programs drew 1,275 attendees. Sarles says 1,896 books were added to the collection, and 1,470 were deleted as the staff manages with available space.

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