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New program offers LRTC students a Running Start at careers in science & tech

Kingswood Regional High School seniors Jillian Luby, Dan Moore, and Jenna Luby, standing with their mentor, Marketing and Hospitality instructor Mark Montross, enrolled in the Lakes Region Technology Center's Running Start program. That dual enrollment allows them to earn college credits from the New Hampshire Technical Institute while completing their senior year. (Photo by Elissa Paquette) (click for larger version)
October 10, 2018
WOLFEBORO — Kingswood Regional High School students who wish to accelerate their progress in a STEM related field (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) are now offered the opportunity to take advantage of college level offerings through the Community College System of New Hampshire's Running Start program.

Lakes Region Technology Center (LRTC) Principal Bruce Farr says the program offers students recommended for the challenge of a college level course the opportunity to pursue their studies while living at home and continuing to fulfill their high school course requirements. Students have the security of having a mentor and a supportive network at the high school.

The courses not only give students a leg up in a chosen field, but they are free. Farr says enrollment improves their chances of a successful first year of college, and the credits they earn are transferable.

Mike Roush, the Career Connection and Experiential Learning coordinator, helps students who demonstrate the level of maturity and discipline to enter the program develop a plan of action. The three students available for an interview happen to be following the lead of their parents' career pathways. Their interest is tied into work or job shadowing experiences.

Sisters Jillian and Jenna Luby, taking a course in Outdoor Emergency Care, hold up the hefty book of course materials to study and say they've had been keeping up the pace, beginning with summer reading for the fall course. They're learning what is involved in training for the National Ski Patrol, how to administer emergency care out on the slopes with limited resources and handle their patients safely.

They say they enjoy helping their dad, a ski instructor and ski patroler, in what they call a "paid hobby." They're taking a course in "Young Adult Patrolling" with certified teacher Craig Garland on Monday nights at the Abenakee Ski Area and are out practicing skills on weekends. It's not only what they love, it's what they aspire to.

Dan Moore, whose dad is a Lieutenant for the Wakefield Fire Department, says he started the firefighter certification process when he was 15, and is taking an EMT class in Manchester. Somehow he manages school, a college level course "Introduction to International Business," work and football with no complaints. "It's neat to broaden your horizons" learning how other countries do business, he says of his online course.

He selected Germany for his research project because it's "westernized and the business culture is serious with an emphasis on punctuality". He has to write a report as if his professor is the Minister of Commerce and his boss. Population density, GDP, the prices of goods, the exchange rate of the currency, he's absorbing it all. And he enjoys his classmates, who are mostly older and come from diverse backgrounds.

Next semester, he says he might study advertising and attend classes on campus. That would "be a lot more work, but fun," he imagines.

Roush says the Dual Enrollment option gives students who start a program in the LRTC (Agricultural Science, Auto Collision Repair, Auto Service Technology, Careers in Education, Computer Networking, Construction Trades, Culinary Arts, Graphic Design, Health Sciences, Hospitality and Tourism, Marketing, Multimedia, Precision Manufacturing, and, new this year, Theater Stage Craft) and go further than was previously possible. They graduate with a head start toward the work world.

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