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Knights get back to alpine action

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by Joshua Spaulding
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ELIZABETH MCNAMARA takes a giant slalom gate in action last week at Cranmore. Joshua Spaulding. (click for larger version)
January 24, 2018
NORTH CONWAY — The Kingswood alpine ski team returned to action on Jan. 19, traveling to North Conway for a meet hosted by Kennett at Cranmore Mountain Resort.

The race was held on a different course than normal due to snow conditions and that did cause a few issues, as two different racers had to be removed from the course by the ski patrol and there was a timing issue that led the giant slalom to take more than two hours.

In the morning giant slalom, the Kingswood girls finished in fifth place overall.

Sarah Bean led the way with an eighth place finish in 1:32.08.

Allison Bean was second for the Knights, finishing in 1:40.35 for 16th place and Sarah Hotchkiss took 22nd place in 1:44.71.

Tayghen Gelinas rounded out the scoring with a time of 1:46.37 for 26th place overall.

Sami Hotchkiss was 27th in 1:47.28, Hannah Crane too 29th in 1:48.76, Kristy Meyer was 31st in 1:51.2, Jillian Luby finished 33rd in 1:52.08, Quinn Meserve was 38th in 2:10.86, Alyssa Dow finished in 39th in 2:12.5 and Carolyn Day was 42nd in 2:26.52.

The Knight girls moved up to second place in the afternoon slalom, finishing only behind Kennett.

Sarah Bean was first for Kingswood and seventh overall, finishing in 1:21.15.

Luby was second for the Knights, finishing 11th in 1:28.34, with Allison Bean in 14th place in 1:32.38.

McNamara rounded out the scoring with a 17th place finish in 1:33.9.

Sarah Hotchkiss finished in 18th in 1:34.25, Crane was 23rd in 1:37.59, Meyer was 29th in 1:41.82, Sami Hotchkiss was 36th in 1:49.17, Dan was 39th in 1:59, Meserve was 40th in 1:59.32 and Dow was 50th in 2:06.34.

The Knight boys finished tied for second with Hanover in the morning giant slalom.

Alex Gehl led the way for Kingswood with a time of 1:31.35 for sixth place overall.

Dawson Cotreau finished in 1:35.72 for 11th place overall and Josh Shapiro was the third Knight in 1:37.23 for 13th place.

Jackson Walsh rounded out the scoring with a time of 1:39.11 for 17th place overall.

James Donovan was 18th in 1:39.12, Curtis Heath was 21st in 1:42.36, Noah Shatzer finished 27th in 1:50.94, Philip Borelli placed 28th in 1:53.3, Nick Lamie was 33rd in 2:04.16, Luke Shapiro was 34th in 2:08.59, Matt Gauthier was 38th in 2:27.91 and Calvin Kinville finished 39th in 3:08.03.

Kingswood was fourth in the afternoon slalom.

Gehl again led the way for Kingswood with a time of 1:20.68 for ninth place overall.

Luke Shapiro was second in 1:26.45 for 16th place and Cotreau finished in 19th in 1:28.86.

Josh Shapiro was the final scorer for Kingswood, placing 20th in 1:30.2.

Donovan was 25th in 1:35.42, Borelli was 26th in 1:36.55, Lamie was 28th in 1:37.15, Shatzer finished 33rd in 1:48.59, Walsh was 34th in 1:51.51 and Kinville was 35th in 1:55.17.

The Knights will return to action on Friday, Jan. 27, at home at King Pine.

Joshua Spaulding can be reached at 279-4516, ext. 155 or josh@salmonpress.news.

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