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Town examining options to replace lighting

July 29, 2021
The town is looking into options to replace the lighting in town hall with LED lighting, including talking to Eversource about possible programs.

During the July 14 selectmen's meeting, town administrator Scott Dunn said he reached out to Eversource to see if programs are available to help thw town replace all of the fluorescent lighting in town hall and the police station with LED lighting.

Dunn said the town's electrician suggested he speak with Eversource and estimated that replacing the lighting could pay itself back in two years with the energy savings. He said he contacted Eversource to see if there are any programs that could help the town with this process.

Dunn said if they decide to go this route, up-front costs for such a project could go to voters as a warrant article in the future.

Selectman Chan Eddy said there was a similar project at his workplace with an estimated two-year payoff that actually paid back in 18 months.

"You can't really tell the difference between the fluorescent and the LEDs other than the fact they come on a lot faster," Eddy said.

Dunn said with the LED bulbs and getting rid of so many ballasts, the building could be a lot cooler.

He said the original specifications for the police station project included LED lighting.

"As you know, we were searching for every penny we could save on that project and I think we saved $10,000 by eliminating LED lighting at the new police station," Dunn said.

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