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Future public works building to remain at current location

July 29, 2021
Any potential projects related to the Public Works building will take place at the current property as the building committee decided to not look at other properties at the time being.

Town Administrator Scott Dunn updated the selectmen on the Public Works Building Committee's progress during the July 14 meeting.

Dunn said as of that meeting, the Public Works Building Committee has met three times. At the most recent meeting, the committee decided after reviewing other options to not move the facility from its current property.

After looking at different options, Dunn said the committee voted unanimously in favor of focusing any redevelopment on the facility's current location.

"They're not going to be looking at any alternate locations unless some new information comes down the pile that says that site shouldn't continue to be used," Dunn said.

The selectmen unanimously approved forming the committee during the March 10 meeting and issued a resolution addressing the work of the committee and the department's needs. Applications will be accepted until April 2.

According to the resolution, the current public works building at 55 Cherry Valley Road was built in the 1970's and is nearing the end of its life. There are numerous safety and environmental concerns and the property's water table has caused problems with the mechanical shop. The facility is located close to Gunstock Brook, which creates issues considering the large amounts of salt, sand, and motor vehicles on the property.

Voters approved $100,000 toward the evaluation, design, and construction of a new public works building and a committee convened of the public works director, one selectman, and five citizens.

The committee is examining the feasibility and best options for a new building and conduct the appropriate evaluations to reach these recommendations. They will solicit and talk with engineers, architects, and other professionals to figure out the best options. The committee will also examine possible new locations for the public works building and compare them to the current property.

In the end the committee will make recommendations to the selectmen on the best options for a new building and make funding recommendations. The committee is tasked with serving until no later than Dec. 31, 2023.

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