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Kenney promises help lowering speed limit on Route 11

April 28, 2021
The town will get some help from its executive councilor after a petition to lower the speed on a section of Route 11 during the summer has received no response from the state.

Executive Councilor Joe Kenney paid the Gilford selectmen a visit during the April 15 meeting and town administrator Scott Dunn asked for his help on the proposal from last fall.

Last November, the board approved a motion to petition the Department of Transportation for a seasonal speed limit on Route 11 between Riley Road and the Ellacoya Bar and Grille, lowering the speed from 40 miles per hour to 30 in the period of Memorial Day and Labor Day. Police chief Anthony Bean Burpee presented the proposal to the selectmen after meeting with Public Works director Meghan Theriault and Planning and Land Use director John Ayer.

Dunn said they haven't gotten any response from the state on this petition. He asked if Kenney could assist, and Kenney said this matter was "right up my alley."

Kenney said he has helped get a number of projects in the state going after they hit a snag through the DOT.

The council is working to reduce the speed along Route 110 in Berlin. He said the DOT initially refused the request, but he stepped in and now the DOT is reviewing the request again and working with the governor's office.

Another instance was a pathway project in North Conway that Kenney said "died." He said he inquired about the project's status and the project started back up.

"I love my DOT guys at the local level," Kenney said. "The DOT is a bureaucracy, and unless you're on them constantly, they will just put it on the shelf and they will let It sit there for a while."

Another matter was the sale of property in Groveton for a camp project that got snagged in the state. Kenney called and asked the commissioner to take another look to find that sale, now the camp committee is back in action.

Dunn said he would greatly appreciate it if Kenney got involved on this.

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