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"Frozen" coming to the Gilford stage

The cast of the coming Gilford Middle School production of "Frozen, Jr." rehearses for the show. (Photo by Erin Plummer) (click for larger version)
April 03, 2019
Gilford Middle School students are getting ready to bring their production of Disney's "Frozen" to the stage next weekend.

GMS will be the first school theater in the state to present "Frozen, Jr.," a stage version of the play aimed at younger audiences.

Dane DeHart plays Christophe, a man raised by trolls who hauls ice with his reindeer and close friend Sven. DeHart said Christophe isn't used to being around other people.

"He's kind of a grumpy, moody person," DeHart said, saying he's also a laid back guy.

Brenna O'Connor plays Olaf, a peppy snowman brought to life by Elsa's power.

"He's really happy all the time," O'Connor said.

He is also obsessed with summer, which is something O'Connor said she has in common with him.

Vincent Marcella plays the duplicitous prince Hans, who is first in line for his kingdom's throne.

"He just wants attention and is willing to do anything for attention," Marcella said.

All of them were really familiar with "Frozen" and excited to be bringing it to the stage. They all had their stories of their connections the movie.

DeHart said he remembers watching it over and over again when it first came out.

O'Connor said her younger sister especially adored it when it first came out.

"When the movie first came out she watched it about a million times," O'Connor said.

DeHart said when they found out the play was going to be "Frozen" they couldn't wait to do it.

"My favorite character was Christophe," DeHart said.

O'Connor said she saw "Frozen" on Broadway when she was in New York last summer.

As tis will be the New Hampshire premiere of "Frozen, Jr.," Marcella said this does bring quite a bit of pressure on them. While they have had their ups and downs, he said it has been coming together really well and he has high expectations of the show.

DeHart said while sometimes things get do stressful, "Overall I think it's going to come along."

O'Connor said everyone has been getting along and working together relatively well.

O'Connor said their choreographer Heidi Noyes-Bourgeois is "amazing."

"She's really helped bring the show to life," O'Connor said.

"Frozen, Jr." will be performed at the Gilford High School Auditorium April 11-13 at 7 p.m. with a 2 p.m. matinee on Saturday, April 13.

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