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Labor Day Craft Fair draws big numbers

John Davis and his creations for Vermont Rocks. (Photo by Erin Plummer) (click for larger version)
September 05, 2018
Crafters from across New England sold their many different creations for holiday weekend visitors at the annual Labor Day Weekend Craft Fair.

From Saturday through Monday, visitors to Gunstock could look over many different kinds of crafts at the fair put on by Joyce's Craft Shows,

Organizer Joyce Endee said while Monday was a bit slow because of the heat, the fair went great all weekend.

"Saturday and Sunday were wonderful, we were very busy," Endee said.

Visitors could also meet with alpacas at a special exhibit and and enjoy live music.

Stewart Harris of Troy, who dubbed himself The Caramel Guy, makes and sells his own caramel creations. Flavors include the regular salted caramel, chocolate, orange, mocha, and Wicked Hot.

Harris is a disabled veteran and said he looked for different things to do. He started making wooden items like chicken coops then looked at baking.

"The caramel just really came together," Harris said.

Harris said he does a lot of fairs, including many of Endee's fairs.

While Monday was slow, the rest of the weekend was a big success.

"This was close to our best fair," Harris said.

Haruhiko Murakami of Cary Plantation, Maine, makes different images out of pressed flowers for his company Framed Gardens Company.

A native of Japan, Murakami now lives in northern Maine where he has 100 acres of land. He said some friends from Japan and remarked on all the beautiful flowers on the land, suggesting that he do something with them. He started pressing the flowers into different images and has been doing so for the past 18 years.

He said he comes to almost all of Endee's fairs. He said this weekend went really well with almost record numbers.

John Davis of Newfane, Vt., creates statues with metal shapes of different athletes scaling carved Vermont rocks for his company Vermont Rocks. He said he started within the past few years as a way to raise money to participate in different running events across the country. He sold images of little runners and the business took off from there.

Most of the metal athletes are cut from stainless steel, he also does some out of sterling silver and gold. Most of the sports shown like running, rock climbing, and biking, are ones he himself does.

Most of the rocks Davis uses came from the river by his home with some coming from different Vermont quarries.

He said he does a fair every weekend until Christmas. The Labor Day Weekend fair was successful.

"It's been really good for us," Davis said.

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