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Teacher using technology, social media for art instruction

May 09, 2018
A Gilford High School teacher is using the Web and a GoPro camera to teach students and others different ceramics techniques.

Art teacher Leaman Antone has set up YouTube and Instagram accounts to show videos of ceramics techniques and photos of finished works. Thanks to funding from the PTA he also acquired a GoPro camera to show the work from a first person perspective.

"One thing that I'm trying to do is I'd like to keep up to date with kids," Antone said. "Me being 46 on Monday (May 7), I like to try to keep on par with them."

Antone said a lot of kids are on YouTube and have accounts on Instagram. He said he decided to see how these can be used in his classes.

Antone created YouTube and Instagram accounts for his ceramics lessons. The videos show the process in slow motion and fast, turning a 10 minute video into 40 second. The Instagram page also has more finished pieces.

The YouTube and Instagram accounts are not used for social interaction, though he has also followed a few other potters on Instagram.

For safety reasons, any videos or photos with students in them only show students' hands, but not faces or bodies. He said he would like to feature more pieces by students, though they would not include the students' names.

In his ceramics class, he demonstrates how to use a pottery wheel, work he said can be repetitive. He said these demonstrations also show a mirrored version.

"They're not seeing it as I'm seeing it," Antone said.

Antone said he has seen many ceramics demonstration videos online, but hasn't seen anyone use a GoPro camera to directly demonstrate the basic from the artist's viewpoint.

"With having the GoPro strapped to my forehead I'm giving them a view of what it would look like through my eyes," Antone said.

Antone said the PTA have put out the word they would like to help with some funding on different educational activities. He approached the PTA about funding for the GoPro and received it.

With the GoPro Antone can do the lesson, like throwing a platter on a wheel. He said he can tell the students if they want to see directly how to throw a platter on a potter's wheel they can watch the video. They might also find more links and resources on how to throw a platter or other projects.

Currently the YouTube account has 26 subscribers and the Instagram has 101 followers. Antone said he wants to build those numbers. He said the pages are mainly geared to students, though the general public is welcome to check them out.

Antone's ceramics pages can be found on YouTube at Leaman Antone Ceramics and on Instagram at antone_ceramics.

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