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Whitefield department heads update at recent meeting

by Tara Giles
Sports reporter - Coos County Democrat and Berlin Reporter
July 29, 2021
WHITEFIELD — At a recent Select Board meeting in Whitefield, department heads issued the public various updates on happenings about town.

Fire Chief John Ross discussed the state changing RSA:128 in regard to health officers. He stated that the Town needs a Board of Health. Ross said, "It can consist of the Board, the Health Officer and a Deputy Health Officer. They have to meet once a year and fill out a report once a year." Ross offered to serve as secretary and chairman. He then recommended Alan Smith to submit his application to the State to be the Deputy Health Officer. There will be mandatory training that comes along with the position. Ross pointed out that having a Health Officer is a requirement for all towns, however cities are exempt.

The Fire Chief moved on and discussed a request made to Eversource for an audit, as the new lights installed have shown an increase in the bill, when a decrease was promised. One culprit discussed was circulation pumps that run continuously.

The Whitefield Library has received two grants that expanded summer hours, to include more staffing.

Further Librarian Courtney Vashaw issued a proposal for $21,000 of the $200,000 federal COVID relief funding the Town is slated to receive.

Rob Larson Head of the Public Works Department discussed the Solar Grant for the Fire Department and stated that the Town Hall is now included. Larson stated that the Grant was pulled back because the Library wanted to be included. Proposals have come in from three different solar companies. If the Town is awarded the Grant, officials would be notified in March.

Larson moved to talk about lost pumps. One at the sewer station on Brown Street and another that was bound together with a pair of blue jeans.

Larson said, "We also discovered that there used to be a basket to catch that solid waste and guard rail to empty. That basket and guide rails have not been maintained and have virtually rotted out. It is rotted and gone."

Selectman Shawn White noted that he thinks it has been removed.

Larson said, "The pumps are at the mercy of what comes through the pipes."

Larson relayed that he is in need of help at the Transfer Station as well as the Highway Department. He relayed that a new schedule at the Transfer Station may help.

Fred Ingerson from the Water Department relayed that the Board had signed an agreement for Inspections & Interior Cleanings of water storage tanks with Underwater Solutions, Inc.

Selectman John Tholl was assigned to the Withdrawal Committee for Carroll, and stated that they recommended that Carroll not withdraw from the School District, stating it would be a "huge impact to Whitefield taxpayers."

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