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Street Fair 5k draws big crowd

by Tara Giles
Sports reporter - Coos County Democrat and Berlin Reporter

Richie Orazem and his family cruise into the finish line during the Lancaster Street Fair 5k on July 29. Tara Giles. (click for larger version)
July 31, 2017
LANCASTER — It was the perfect day for a race with the heat a non-issue for the first time in years. A crowd of over 200 runners and walkers from all over were ready to go as they lined up for the start of the Lancaster Street Fair 5K Saturday on Mechanic Street.

Winning the race in a time of 16:52 was 34-year-old Derek Hamel of Stratham. In second place was 38-year-old Jordan Varano of Vestal, N.Y. in a time of 17 minutes flat. Thirty-six-year-old Curtis Moore of Gorham took third place in an impressive time of 17:11. Fourth in the guys' race was 16-year-old Sam Call of Jefferson who finished in a time of 17:18. In fifth place was Lancaster resident Jeremiah Macrae-Hawkins, finishing in 17:39. Another local student runner worth noting is Elijah Ratliff of Whitefield, who finished in 11th place with a time of 20:17.

First in for the women's race was 16-yea- old Leah Dutkewych of Jefferson who finished in a time of 19:49. Next in were locals Jaimie Schmidt and Tara Sorghan, both 35, who crossed together in a time of 21:04. The fourth female finisher was recent WMRHS graduate Hallie Chancey, who crossed with a time of 21:29. In fifth place for the women's race was 39-year-old Bridget Freudenberger of Colebrook, who finished in a time of 22:33.

Age group results

Female 14 and under

1st Lindsay Hawkins 24:49

2nd Lena Dodier 27:08

3rd Alyssa Delafontaine 30:46

Male 14 and under

1st Kaiden Cunnington 26:57

2nd Robert Southworth 27:03

3rd Felix Hoffman 27:03

Female 15-19

1st Hallie Chancey 21:29

2nd Payton Giles 25:04

3rd Kelsea Chase 25:06

Male 15-19

1st Sam Call 17:18

2nd Aidan Hagerty 17:40

3rd Elijah Ratliff 20:17

Female 20-29

1st Miona Frable 23:53

2nd Julie Ladd 23:56

3rd Elaine Frenette 26:15

Male 20-29

1st Will Powell 19:09

2nd Corey Pemberton 21:12

3rd Leif Becker 22:41

Female 30-39

1st Bridget Freudenberger 22:33

2nd Megan Johnson 23:59

3rd Rachel Ledger 25:03

Male 30-39

1st Jeremiah Macrae-Hawkins 17:39

2nd Weslety Woodworth 20:23

3rd Michael Reilly 22:11

Female 40-49

1st Tara Giles 23:37

2nd Darcie Call 24:50

3rd Heather Newfield 25:34

Male 40-49

1st Rob Rojek 19:42

2nd Chris Casner 20:19

3rd Wesley Hoffman 20:51

Female 50-59

1st Wendy Walsh 25:13

2nd Gayle Oulighan 27:19

3rd Nate Howe 27:51

Male 50-59

1st William Murphy 19:52

2nd Richard Orazem 20:32

3rd Eric Huddleston 22:47

Female 60-69

1st Gail Mcgee 29:36

2nd Mary Tappen 31:31

3rd Marylou White 32:55

Male 60-69

1st Arthur Viens 21:34

2nd Andrew Hartford 24:58

3rd Charlie Cotton 25:10

Female 70-99

1st Marlylou Granquist 37:03

Male 70-99

1st John Person 25:56

2nd Bob Ward 49:43

3rd Ed Pitts (85) 49:59

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