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COVID cases on the rise in Carroll County

April 08, 2021
REGION — In March, ten positive Covid cases cropped up among students and staff in GWRSD schools spanning elementary through high school, including Carpenter Elementary School in Wolfeboro, Ossipee Central School, Middleton Elementary, New Durham Elementary, and Kingswood Middle and High Schools. All those affected and their 17 close contacts were required to quarantine for ten days.

As of Tuesday, April 6, according to information provided by the state, the town of Ossipee has seven active cases and the town of Wolfeboro has 16. The other towns in the district were at or close to zero.

Carroll County is considered to be at a very high-risk level, with 26.3 daily new cases per 100,000 residents and a positive test rate of 6.9 percent. It is recommended by the White House Coronavirus Task Force and the CDC that everyone take strong precautions to avoid exposure.

School returned to full week programming on April 5, with a letter to parents from Superintendent Kathy Cuddy Egbert asking for their support in keeping the school population safe. That entails, she said, daily screening electronically of students before leaving home, social distancing between students and those who do not live with them, providing their children with a well-fitting mask, and regular hand washing. Families are also asked to transport their children to school whenever possible in order to allow for distancing in school busses.

The school board decided to follow the state travel guidelines in anticipation of school vacation April 26- 30 and the likelihood of increased travel, thus waiving the previous travel quarantine policy. The state has opened up vaccination to people age 16 and up, and it is anticipated that students will take advantage of the opportunity. Also, teachers have had the opportunity for vaccination, and second shots are scheduled for this month.

Word from other schools has come that it is likely that a number of teachers may miss school the following day because of temporary ill effects from the vaccine. The board discussed how to handle multiple absences with so few substitutes available, and decided that remote instruction would be offered.

Full viewing of school board meetings via You Tube is made possible by Wolfeboro Community TV for those who would like more detail on school business, and school policies, the school calendar, minutes and much more is available on GWRSD.org.

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