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Voters hand several key positions in Carroll County to new faces

November 07, 2018
REGION — As the votes were tallied in Tuesday's midterm elections, there were several key races here in Carroll County where voters decided a change was needed.

In the closely watched race for retiring Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter's position representing New Hampshire's First District — which includes all of Carroll County — Democrat Chris Pappas emerged as the winner, garnering 132,345 votes district wide compared to Republican challenger Eddie Edwards with 111,537.

The hotly contested gubernatorial race saw incumbent Chris Sununu pull ahead of Democratic challenger Molly Kelly early on in the evening, garnering 258,718 votes to Kelly's 229,883.

Closer to home, incumbent Jeb Bradley handily beat Democratic opponent Chris Meier by nearly 4,000 votes to retain his seat as state Senator for District 3. The tally district wide at press time, with 91 percent of precincts reporting, showed Bradley with 14,205 votes and Meier with 10,507.

Chandler denied 19th term

After serving 18 terms as a state representative, New Hampshire House Speaker Gene Chandler, R-Bartlett, lost his bid for a 19th term Nov. 6.

Voters in District One – Jackson, Hart's Location, and Chandler's hometown of Bartlett — decided Democrat Anita Burroughs of Bartlett will represent them for the next two years.

Chandler received 1,074 votes and Burroughs 1,281.

Shake-up on County Delegation

In a shake up of the Carroll County Delegation, two longtime Republican state representatives lost their re-election bid Nov. 6.

District 2, representing Conway, Chatham, Eaton and Hale's Location, will be represented by three Democrats, incumbent Tom Buco (2,323 votes), and newcomers Harrison Kanzler (2,080 votes) and Stephen Woodcock (1,970 votes). They bested Republican William Cuccio (1,400 votes) and incumbents Karen Umberger (1,544) and Frank McCarthy (1,439 votes).

Another seat on the Carroll County Delegation flipped from red to blue as longtime state representative Mark McConkey (R-Freedom) lost his bid for re-election.

Democrat incumbent Jerry Knirk (R-Freedom) and former state representative Susan Ticehurst (D-Tamworth) will represent the District 3 towns of Freedom, Tamworth, Madison and Albany.

Voter turnout was record breaking in many towns across the state for the midterm election. In Freedom, 64 percent of voters cast a ballot in the Nov. 6 election – 695 at the polls and 112 absentee ballot. Additionally, 46 people registered to vote.

Incumbents retain seats in District 5

Three of Carroll County's state representatives will retain their seats, as Republicans Lino Avellani, Ed Comeau and Bill Nelson won their re-election bid by a wide margin Nov. 6. The trio represents District 5 consisting of Brookfield, Wakefield, Effingham and Ossipee.

Avellani (2,422 votes), Comeau (2,407 votes) and Nelson (2,424 votes) topped Effingham Democrats Knute Ogren (1,511 votes) and Teresa Swanick (1,651 votes) and Ossipee Democrat Patricia Pustell (1,530 votes.

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