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Law suit alleges that county delegation has disregarded state law

August 15, 2018
OSSIPEE — Brookfield resident and New Hampshire State Rep. Ed Comeau has filed suit alleging that the Carroll County Commissioners have violated state law by not completing the County audit or annual report.

The civil action, filed Aug. 2 in Carroll County Superior Court, has two complaints. In the first complaint, Comeau points to NH RSA 28:3-a, which requires annual county financial audits to be completed for the previous year by March 30. Nearly five months since the deadline passed, Comeau points out that the audit is not complete, but when county administration has pressed the delegation for an answer as to why, there has been no response.

In the second complaint, Comeau noted NH RSA 30:1. Every year, by June 30, reports of County departments, including the sheriff's office, jail, commissioner's office, treasurer and county attorney are supposed to be published in a book. Not doing so is a violation-level offense with a fine to be paid to the county treasurer.

Comeau "demands redress" and writes that the commissioners not adhering to the law has created a "lack of confidence and assurance that my government is functioning as expected."

Comeau is representing himself in this case. He has confirmed that the commissioners were served the complaint Aug. 8. The commissioners have until Sept. 7 to file an appearance with the court.

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