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City Manager attends last work session

by Tara Giles
Sports reporter - Coos County Democrat and Berlin Reporter
December 09, 2021
BERLIN — At the Nov. 29 Berlin City Council Work Session, the meeting began with a Non-Public Session. Discussed was the dismissal, promotion or compensation of a public employee and hiring matters were discussed. The minutes of that meeting were sealed.

The conversation then moved to City Councilor James Wheeler, who discussed items added to the job description of the fire chief and the related compensation which was agreed upon during a meeting in late November.

Councilor Berthiaume mentioned concerns in regard to not receiving month updates from EMS as requested previously.

Mayor Paul Grenier said, "I suggested EMS send the report to the Fire Chief which would then communicate with Council."

Wheeler then said, "Ron Lemoine accepted the position of Public Works Supervisor. This resulted in a vacant Laborer-Equipment Operator position. I'm asking for permission to advertise and fill the position."

The Council then moved to permit Wheeler to advertise and fill that spot.

Wheeler said, "As a reminder, this is my last meeting. I thank the Council and have enjoyed the last eight and a half years as City Manager, it's been an outstanding opportunity. I hope I have met all expectations."

Grenier said, "I hate to see you go, and I know you gave 100 percent to the city, and I wish you well."

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