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City Council discusses Fire Department bids

by Tara Giles
Sports reporter - Coos County Democrat and Berlin Reporter
September 01, 2021
BERLIN — At the Berlin City Council's work session on Aug. 16, Stuart Arnett from ADG, LLC spoke regarding a Tax Increment Financing District. Arnett mentioned financing tools along with the 'do's and don'ts of a TIF district adoption.

As part of the discussion, Arnette cited examples from other towns in the state. He discussed the procedures for adopting a district and used Route 110 as an example of an infrastructure enhancement that would benefit from a TIF district adoption.

He said, "It's a very simple concept where a public entity makes a public investment that allows private development to go forward bigger, better and sooner and then takes the new revenue from the development to help pay back the public investment."

He clarified to the Council that it's the increase in taxable properties that pays the City back. When the plan is finalized, residents can read it on the City's Web site.

City Manager James Wheeler spoke in regards to the Berlin Municipal Airport and the CRRSA Act Grant.

He stated, "This is a Certificate of Vote that is required to enter into an agreement with the Division of Aeronautics. Back in March, an application was submitted for a grant in the amount of $9,000 for the airport. This grant is related to the Coronavirus relief and can be used for operations."

Wheeler went on to say, "I'm requesting Council to authorize the City Clerk to execute the Certificate of Vote indicating that Mayor Grenier is the Chair of the Berlin Airport Authority, and he is duly authorized to execute the agreement."

The motion carried with a majority.

Discussion moved on to the Mason Street Bridge.

Wheeler said, "I wanted to discuss the Mason Street Bridge closure during the work session because it will be for quite a period of time from Aug. 23, 2021 till mid-October. Vehicular traffic will have to use Cleveland Bridge or 12th Street Bridge. For pedestrian traffic, the suggested plan will be to come into the Tondreau Park, down into the Tondreau Park and across the headworks so they can access Main Street by Toni's Pizza."

Councilor Rozek inquired about public safety. Wheeler relayed that emergency vehicles will have to go around.

Councilor Higbee added to the discussion, asking "Can the bridge that connects the Tondreau Park parking lot to the Tondreau Park be repaired?"

Higbee said that one of the boards is rising up and someone tried to screw it down, but it came back up. Wheeler noted that this was Central Rivers bridge and that they also attended the pre-construction meeting and will pass this information on to them.

Wheeler then presented a handout in regard to Fire Department bids.

"Bids were received and opened last week for the roofing, boiler and windows. All of these will be paid out of the construction loan processed last year," he added.

Wheeler directed the Council to the handout stating there were rounded amounts allocated to the various pieces that totaled $150,000.

He said, "This was the budgeted amount. The bids came in at a total of $161,000 and this is without receiving any bids for the windows."

Floor work for the department was budgeted at $393,000, however Wheeler stated he thinks the amount will come in under that. Bids are due Sept. 2.

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