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Local schools awarded Children's Literacy Foundation grant

Marilyn Taylor McDowell, author of "Carolina Harmony," visited Milan Village School last month as part of Children's Literacy Foundation Year of the Book grant program that was offered to the school as well as to Hillside Elementary in Berlin. (Courtesy Photo) (click for larger version)
December 12, 2018
BERLIN/MILAN — The Children's Literacy Foundation, out of Waterbury Center, Vt., has chosen schools in Vermont and New Hampshire for their $25,000 Year of the Book grant, and Berlin's Hillside Elementary, as well as Milan Village School, are among the selections.

The Children's Literacy Foundation, or CLif, provides the grants to help schools with literacy programming, new books and authors from all over make visits at the selected schools. Reading and writing workshops are set up.

The foundation works with family literacy events and helps sets up special litercy-related programs, provides new books for the school library, classrooms and even for public libraries.

"The program involves a full school year dedicated to improving literacy with many related events to celebrate reading and writing," the press release stated. "The program is designed to create a culture of literacy within a community. The goals are to inspire students to read and write for pleasure, to encourage enthusiasm for books, to supplement schools' existing literacy efforts, to ensure all children have access to high-quality books, and to increase family engagement in literacy."

Additionally, the grant program offers an invitation to personnel from selected Year of the Book schools to attend CLiF's annual Community Literacy Conference and will receive more funding the following school year.

"CLiF Year of the Book continues to deeply impact students, their families, and their school community by nurturing a love of reading and writing," CLiF Program Director Meredith Scott said. "The renewed excitement that comes from new ideas, new books, and new connections makes this an exciting grant for schools and also for CLiF. We love to share the experiences in one school with others and to spread that enthusiasm all over VT and NH and beyond."

Marilyn Taylor McDowell, author of "Carolina Harmony," visited Milan Village School last month for a reading session.

"Storytelling at Milan Village School - all because of a Year of the Book grant from CLiF (the Children's Literacy Foundation)," said McDoweell. "I was delighted to celebrate with students and teachers. The story was Petunia; one of my favorites. 'He who owns books and loves them is wise.'"

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