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Quebec manufacturing company hiring for new Berlin plant

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held on Friday for the Quebec, Canada company Deflex Composite that recently leased the former Car Freshener building to expand its operations of manufactures Volvo parts and water slides. Operations are set to begin on July 4 and the company plans to hire 15 people within a year. (Courtesy Photo) (click for larger version)
May 16, 2017
BERLIN —A Quebec-based manufacturing company, Deflex Composite, has leased the former Car Freshener building and is set to begin operations on July 4. The company, which is expanding its operations, expects to hire up to 15 people within the first year of production.

The manufacturing company is located in Saint-Victor Quebec and manufactures front and rear Volvo bumpers and also produces water slides. The company has it's Volvo plant in Plattsburg, New York. Berlin is situated in the middle between the two locations according to Deflex Composite CEO Serge Jacques.

In 2009, the company was introduced to New Hampshire at a state presentation in Drummondville, Quebec according to a news release posted on the New Hampshire government page of Governor Chris Sununu.

The news release stated "Since then, Michael Bergeron and Benoit Lamontagne of the Division of Economic Development have kept in touch with the company."

Sununu hosted a Webinar with Deflex Composite reps last month.

"New Hampshire welcomes Deflex Composite to Berlin," said Sununu. "We are committed to doing everything possible to reach out and promote what New Hampshire has to offer."

"We are pleased to welcome Deflex Composite to New Hampshire for its first U.S. expansion," said Department of Resources and Economic Development Commissioner Jeffrey Rose.

"Berlin, with its deep French-Canadian roots, is a great location for this company to grow its presence on this side of the border," he added.

Benoit Lamontagne of the Division of Economic Development said that the Buy America Act attracts Canadian companies to expand in the U.S. because the" law requires companies under federal contracts to make their end product in the U.S. and more than 50 percent of the cost of the parts must be made here."

The company has leased 9,000 square feet at 22 Jericho Rd., in the former Car Freshener building owned by Bob Chapman. Three people are expected to be hired next month and seven more people are expected to be hired within a year. The expected opening date of operations is set for July 4.

The company plans to start out small at the Berlin facility and gradually expand production of Volvo parts and water slides using fiberglass. Jacques daughter, Karyne Jacques, is the company's Planner and will oversee operations at the Berlin plant.

At a ribbon cutting ceremony held last Friday, Mayor Paul Grenier and Jacques spoke in French, and Grenier reminisced about the strong French-Canadian roots in Berlin. That was one of the deciding factors for Deflex Composite to expand here.

Michael Bergeron of the Division of Economic Development said that he is working with Great Bay Community College to provide training through its Advanced Technology and Academic Center.

Jacques and his brother Bruno founded the company in 2009. The plant in Quebec employs 50 people.

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