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Timber Wolves let one slip away

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by Joshua Spaulding
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CUTLAS GREELEY fights through Sanborn traffic on his way to the basket last Thursday. Joshua Spaulding. (click for larger version)
January 15, 2018
ALTON — With seconds to go, the Prospect Mountain hoop boys had a chance to seal a win over Sanborn on Thursday, Jan. 11, but free throw shooting came back to haunt the Timber Wolves, as they missed four from the charity stripe and the Indians hit a shot with .3 seconds left to take a 42-41 win.

"It's part of the growing process," said coach Joe Faragher. "There's a little value in everything we do.

"And one of the things we do a lot of is shoot free throws in practice," the first-year head coach continued. "We're doing a better job, but obviously, we have things to work on."

The Timber Wolves and Indians played a fairly even first quarter, with Prospect trailing by a 14-10 score after one in front of an enthusiastic crowd. Cutlas Greeley and Randy Dyer each had two baskets in the first quarter, while Keegan Unzen added a hoop.

Bobby Quirk opened the scoring in the second quarter with consecutive baskets to tie the score at 14. Sam Reynolds followed with a three-pointer and then hit a field goal to put Prospect ahead by a 19-14 score. Sanborn got their first hoop of the game with 2:25 to go in the first half and hit another basket to cut the lead to 19-18.

However, Greeley drained two free throws in the final minute to give the Timber Wolves the 21-18 lead heading to the halftime break.

Quirk had a free throw and a hoop to start the third quarter, pushing the lead to 24-18 before Sanborn came back with two free throws to cut the lead to four. Unzen followed with three free throws for the Timber Wolves to stretch the lead to 27-20.

The visitors responded with seven consecutive points, including a three-point play that tied the game at 27 with 1:15 to go in the third quarter.

Greeley drained two free throws to put the Timber Wolves in front again but Sanborn answered with a pair from the line and with 15 seconds left in the quarter, took the 31-29 lead with a hoop.

The Timber Wolves battled right back as the fourth quarter began, with Quirk hitting a hoop and a free throw to give the hosts the 32-31 lead. The Indians had a hoop to take the lead back but Unzen responded with a basket to again put Prospect up by one at 34-33.

The visitors responded with a three-pointer and a basket to grab the lead by a score of 38-34. Prospect didn't panic and came back with a hoop from Unzen to get the lead to two and then Dyer sank a three-pointer to give Prospect a 39-38 lead with less than three minutes to go in the game. Sanborn took the lead back with a hoop but Greeley finished off a steal by Reynolds with 35 seconds to go to give the Timber Wolves the 41-40 lead.

Unzen came down with a pair of huge rebounds but the Timber Wolves missed four free throws in the final seconds and Sanborn was able to race down the court and bank a shot in with less than a second to go to give them the one-point victory.

Greeley and Quirk each finished with 10 points to lead the way for the Timber Wolves.

"We don't have that killer instinct," Faragher said, noting nobody was ready to take the shot to clinch the win. "The guys are working hard.

"I thought they played phenomenal in terms of effort," the Timber Wolf coach said. "A game like that comes down to the little things.

"As much as I hate to lose, but a game like this, you can take a lot from it," Faragher continued. "If the guys get in a situation we'll see what they do next time."

Prospect opened the week with a 71-57 win over Franklin.

The Timber Wolves will be hosting Campbell on Friday, Jan. 19, and will be entertaining former coach Tom Bourdeau and his Newfound team on Tuesday, Jan. 23, both at 6 p.m.

PMHS 10-11-8-12-41

SHS 14-4-13-11-42

Prospect 41

Greeley 3-4-10, Dyer 3-0-7, Reynolds 2-0-5, Unzen 3-3-9, Quirk 4-2-10, Final 15-9-41

Sanborn 42

Grenier 1-0-2, Sarette 6-1-14, Khalil 5-1-12, Almon 0-1-1, McGough 3-0-6, Giles 2-2-7, Final 17-5-42

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