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Conway takes top honors in New Durham 5K

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by Joshua Spaulding
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JODIE CONWAY won the New Durham 5K on Saturday morning. Joshua Spaulding. (click for larger version)
July 31, 2017
NEW DURHAM — New Durham residents made up the majority of the field in the Fun, Games and Giving 5K, held Saturday morning to kick off Celebrate New Durham Day.

The race started and ended at the Farmington Fish and Game Club and officials from town departments were able to keep the roads closed down to make things safer for the runners.

Unless otherwise noted, the runners in the finish list are from New Durham.

Jodie Conway took top honors overall, finishing in a time of 19:36.

Zak Jones of Durham finished second overall and was the first male finisher, crossing in 19:59.

Dan Hichey finished third in 20:08, with Randall Field in 20:21. Elizabeth Bronson of Wolfeboro finished in fifth place in 21:04 and Matt Perkins finished in 21:21. Wolfeboro's Kara Jacobs finished in 21:29, followed by Benjamin Sears in 22:03, Jeremy Fisher in 22:23 and Jodi Holman in 22:44 to round out the top 10.

Kobe Kezer finished in 23:27 for 11th place, with Jen Silva in 23:32, Mark Cormier in 23:57, Jason Silva in 24:03, Celeste Chasse in 25:15.5 and Nicholas Marks in 25:15.8. Peter Kratovil finished in 25:58, Joan Poirier crossed in 26:00, Meghan Kinmond finished in 26:07 and Kaitryn Hichey rounded out the top 20 in 27:59.

Susan Glenney ran to a time of 28:10, followed by Dana Johnson in 29:22 and Ben Jones of Durham in 29:23. Brady Call finished 24th in 29:39, Bishop Ford was 25th in 29:42, Camden Colson finished in 30:13, Sheri Hotchkiss crossed in 30:15, Robert Hotchkiss finished in 30:19, Mark Sullivan finished in 31:29 and Michael Goodman finished out the top 30 with a time of 32:42.

Town Administrator Scott Kinmond finished in 33:51, Devin Johnson crossed in 33:58, Jim Tollner finished in 34:36, Elaina Strong placed 34th in 35:36, Merrie Marks finished in 35th in 35:59 and Joan Swenson finished 36th in 41:52.

In what was probably the coolest moment of the morning, Selectman David Swenson closed in on the finish line but decided to turn around and finish with his friend, Art Hoover. Swenson never stopped moving, circling in the road as he worked his way back along Old Bay Road until he found Hoover and the two of them finished the race together to round out the field.

The 5K was followed by a kids' race, which ran out Old Bay Road and back.

Graham Phillips was the top finisher in a time of 3:19, followed by Alexander King of Peabody, Mass. in 3:23. Chloe Mclain finished in 3:33, Maya Colson crossed in 3:44 and Ryan D'Entremont finished in 3:47. Timothy Drake finished in 3:49, Lincoln Drake crossed in 4:02, Owen Phillips finished in 4:05, Ella Dore of Wakefield finished in 4:06 and Nicholas D'Entremont finished in 4:15.

Joshua Spaulding can be reached at 569-3126 or sportsgsn@salmonpress.com.

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